Assess People

David_method1) Obtain employee job descriptions. The job description needs to be in keeping with the business requirements. These need to be discussed by both management and department staff alike. It is important that the job descriptions not only align with the company’s requirements but also have an input from the employee within the department. Together this will achieve the best possible result.

2) Expectations of management need to be addressed. These expectations need to be communicated to the staff so that there is a clear understanding of what is required from them. High standards must be achieved. If there is no common ground the desired results will not be possible .Employees performance will be judged on the results in terms of the targets set for both the individuals and the department.

3) All of the above need to be discussed with the employees on an individual basis, and It must be established at what intervals individual and department performances will be monitored. The performances / results must be discussed with each staff member on an individual basis. The teams performance discussed with the them.  Criticism if any must be constructive and not destructive.  Appraisals need to be honest. The employees need to have the comfort that they are given every chance to fulfil duties to the desired level.

4) Training is a vital part of an employees development. Training needs to be consistent. To train, the staff’s performances need to be monitored. The inadequacies in ones performances need to be identified and brought to the notice of the employee. This must be carried out in a positive manner to ensure the employees that are being assisted and not persecuted. Regular monitoring will give the manager the opportunity to identify any inadequacies and address them at the appropriate time so as to remedy the situation before it’s too late.

5) Assessments of employees strengths and weaknesses is vital for their on going performances. If there is an issue with an employee with regards to their performance then they need to have it explained to them as to why you, as a manager, has come to the that conclusion. The employee needs to agree with the findings, it’s only then a manager can work on remedial action to rectify the situation.

6) Discussions should be held on annual basis perhaps when a salary review is taking place. At this point it is important to have feed back for the employee as to what their desires are in relation to developing themselves. If they have any aspiration the business may well be in a position to assist them with achieve these goals. This could also be done at any time the manager or employees feels the time is right to do so.