David_methodTo identify procedures a “Procedure manual” needs to be established.

This is a vital document on that can ensure the business runs smoothly. It must be understood that the procedure manual is not written for the person who has an intimate knowledge of the business but for all employees.

To commence the design of the manual the business needs to list all of the procedures relative to the business. A team needs to be established for this purpose. The team must consist of managers and most importantly “Hands On” employees. All too often managers make these decisions without the involvement of hands on staff, persons who actually carry out the duties relative to the procedure on a daily basis. All persons involved need to have a sound knowledge of the procedure to be discussed.

The manual needs to be precise with instruction of how to perform duties / tasks in relation relative to the employee. IT MUST BE USER FRIENDLY with step by step instructions. Manuals in any form if complicated are usually placed on a shelf and not referred to. This in turn will mean the employees will be carrying out tasks in the manner they see fit which will ultimately lead to inadequate, inaccurate and unacceptable results.

Prioritise the procedures to be included in the manual.