“Our mission is to assist our clients return more cash for their investments sooner rather than later with a sustainable plan. Control the debtors
so that not only the client minimises bad debts but
also lessens the exposure at the point of an insolvency.”

Let’s Build Your Growth Together

Debtor management is a vital component of a business whether it is in good times or bad. In bad times good debtor control keeps a business competitive, still providing excellent service. Recovery of debts at an acceptable level fulfills two prime purposes,

• Sustain the minimising bad debts with lesser exposure
• Give their business a chance for the growth.

In good times when the recovery of debts is achieving better than forecast it most certainly gives the business numerous opportunities such as more purposeful marketing, upgrading of systems, and upgrading of resources to mention a few.

We at JADS Solutions want to be a part of your team that breeds success.

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“David managed 12,000 active accounts (Nationally). He was responsible for monthly collections in excess of $50,000,000.00. David generates considerable enthusiasm amongst people he is working with and is respected by his peers”.

Greg Robinson – Regional Commercial Manager Boral Construction Materials

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